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Tara gets right down on the ground, extends her legs,come back to the middle and then jump in the air. Make sure your feet leave the ground when you jump. So, are you guys ready to get this thing started?TEAM: Let's do it. Yeah! Are you guys all feeling pumped?TEAM: Whoo-hoo!Are you feeling pumped at home?Make sure, if you like this workoutlet us know in the comment section below,because we're going to keep giving you some good stuff. So, let's get ready. We've got five,four,three,two, one!Let's get started with the high knees. Stay on those toes. Now, this is a total body conditioning workout, so a lot of these exercisesare going to really challenge your cardio endurance. Now, you want to make sure you keep those knees high for the entire 60 seconds. It's going to be tough, but you're going to like it at the end. Those look good, Kyla. Steve's keeping those knees nice and high. Tara's looking good. G's like, "This is easy, I can do this all day long. "Steady breathing, guys. What do you feel the most so far, G?Ah, hip flexor is loosening my butt real nice. Loosening, getting tight.

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