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To all of you who are interested in The Blanca, Ft. Garland area. If you are from the suburbs or used to modern conveniences, you probably do not understand the concept of minimal thinking. If you have never farmed, built homes and mastered many valuable trades this is probably not the place for you, unless maybe you have a great pension or beefy bank account. There is a certain peace that is unsurpassed like no other place. This is the best quality of life areas to live in the USA (period) regarding air and water quality, living off the land cost effectively and a great place to raise a family who truly understands true old world country living. There is a reason why real estate prices are very reasonable, Be an off the grid craftsman, builder, and farmer. This is probably one last places where neighbors are still neighborly, you might have a drive for a minute to make it to your neighbor but they’ll help you with just about anything. I have a 5 acre lot for $3897 (Discounted cash price) or $299 down, $100 a month for 50 months with $199 documentation fee.
For more details: 307-886-2444 or atozlandsales @

Sanford Rd Blanca, CO 81123, USA

Phone: 307-886-2444

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