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Hand Tamed white rare Baby squirrels for sale Flying squirrels for sale Southern grey squirrels for sale Eastern grey squirrels for sale Red Squirrels for sale Fox squirrels for sale Each of our hand-fed, hand-tamed babies come with a “New Baby Care Kit” which includes a nursery, baby care sheets, bonding pouch, natural cotton, a start up supply of squirrel food, Rep-Cal calcium, treats, and hand-feeding supplies. A southern flying squirrel is quite small and fragile so has to be handled with lots of care. The adults we ship out are usually 9 to 10 “long including the tail, and weigh between 4- 6oz. Its large eyes, loving nature, and gliding ability make it a popular pocket pet. Before adopting a squirrel, keep in mind that you’ll need a cage at least 16" wide x16"deep x 30" high. Obviously a larger cage would be recommended for 2 or more squirrels. Bar spacing should be no more than 1/2" wide. Provide plenty of non-toxic branches for them to climb on. A hanging pouch is a great sleeping area. Provide natural cotton bedding for nesting material. Line the bottom of the cage with newspaper. Squirrels should be provided at least two food dishes – One dish should be kept full with a quality squirrel diet (including in the shell nuts) and a separate dish for fresh fruits and vegetables with a sprinkle of sprinkled bugs, berries and Calcium supplement. Addition of calcium cannot be stressed enough as this cannot be absorbed in sufficient amounts in a captive diet. In the shell nuts are a favorite of the squirrel as well as keeping their teeth in check. I discourage soft shell nuts such as peanuts. Calcium must be added to their diet throughout their lifetime. They also enjoy meal worms, wax worms and other live treats but should be given in moderation. Provide an 8 oz. water bottle or water dish. It is important to acquire your baby squirrel at no more than 6 weeks of age and carry them in your shirt pocket or in a bonding pouch as much as possible for at least two to three additional weeks. It is very important to purchase your hand fed baby squirrel from a reputable dealer. Squirrels do not harbor fleas, lice, ticks, mites or any other parasites that might transmit disease, thus disease among squirrels is very rare. They do not require any vaccinations or scheduled veterinarian care. For any further inquiries, kindly send us an email via or text (630) 412-1443 and I will revert as soon as possible. Regards

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